Basecamp Alternatives for Project Management

Ive been tracking my Freelance work through the web service SidejobTrack. Its completely free and allows for Multiple simultaneous projects and clients.
They have a clean Web 2.0 style Interface. Features include Time Tracking, Data Export(xml) and Custom Invoicing.

While this servers my purpose for time-tracking and custom Invoice Templates, it leaves a lot missing on the Project Management Side.

The current market leader in that field is 37Signal’s Basecamp. I’ve used Basecamp with a few companies before and its near-perfect. It handles Tasks, Milestones, Notes, Messages, Writeboards etc… basically a full featured Project Manager.

Here’s the catch

Its Expensive. Its not just ‘not cheap’, its downright expensive.

The basic pricing plans limit projects and for my needs i would have to get the $49/mo plan, although I could manage in the $24/mo plan with a 15 active project limit. But even then, monthly fees add up.

At the end of the year id be paying a minimum of $288.

So I’ve been searching for ‘Basecamp Alternatives’.

And the ‘Basecamp Killer’ is

Active Collab – Its a basecamp clone created by Ilija Studen, a developer from Serbia. Built in Php/MySQL it started off playing catch-up with Basecamp, but with the soon-to-be-released v1.0(currently at 0.7.1) They look like they may offer some features Basecamp still doesnt provide. Im eagerly awaiting the v1.0.
Did I mention it’s open-source and FREE!!

(Update: Techcrunch had done a feature on them in June06 )